Every year, the Federation creates implementation priorities for the coming year that are presented and voted on by the Federation House of Delegates at the Annual Business Meeting, typically held in November. These priorities are developed as a complement to the Federation’s strategic plan, which was presented to the Federation membership in 2014. While originally intended to take the Federation through 2019, the current strategic plan was extended to 2022. In 2022, the Federation begins its strategic planning process and develop a strategic plan update that will be presented to the Federation House of Delegates at the 2022 Annual Business Meeting. To stay apprised of this and other Federation updates, please subscribe to the monthly Federation Update here.

Additionally, the Federation prepares a summary of activities annually highlighting achievement of and/or progress towards the annual implementation priorities. This summary is presented to the Federation membership at the end of the year and is used to help inform annual evaluations of the Federation and its leadership.

*Note that the 2021 Summary of Activities is based on the 2021 Implementation Priorities (found here).