Officers of the Board

Eva Caldera

Chair of Board

Paxton Williams

Immediate Past Chair

Terri Jett

Vice Board Chair, Racial Equity Committee Chair

Jim Burke


Juana Guzman


Federation Board Members

Carin Berkowitz

Jama Best

Co-Chair, Data & Evaluation Committee

Kevin Lindsey

Mark Y. Miyake

Chair, Nominating Committee

Jennifer Ortiz

Leo Pangelinan

Miranda Restovic

Stuart Rockoff

Joshua Rudnik

John Phillip Santos

endawnis Spears

Sherry Paula Waktins

North Carolina Humanities

Board Nominations

Interested in serving on the board or wish to nominate a candidate? Look for a call for board nominations in late spring from the Federation Nominating Committee and in the Federation’s monthly e-news Update,  listservs, and website. The call for candidates includes a candidate criteria as well as instructions on how to self-nominate or nominate a peer. At the end of the nominating period, the Federation membership elects the new board members at the Annual Business Meeting upon review of the current year’s slate. For more information about the nominating process, please contact the Federation.

Learn About Federation Committees

Executive Committee (board members only)

The only Federation committee that is made up entirely of board members, this committee is responsible for Federation board governance, overseeing personnel policies and procedures, and overseeing and reviewing the work of the Federation president. Members include the Chair, Immediate Past Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and one other committee chair. In 2022, that chair is the NEH Partnership Committee Chair.

Legislative Committee

Chaired by a Federation board member, this committee works closely with the Federation legislative counsel to determine the Federation’s advocacy position and inform the membership of important legislative activities, calls to action, and updates with special emphasis on National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) appropriations, and special events such as Humanities on the Hill.

NEH Partnership Committee

Chaired by a Federation board member, this committee is responsible for strengthening our partnership with the NEH. In addition, this committee advises the Federation president as liaison to the NEH chair and senior staff in addressing, monitoring, and assessing NEH policies and grant making as they affect councils.

Data & Evaluation Committee

This committee aims to improve council data collection and evaluation practices, thereby enabling councils to strengthen their programming and better highlight the value of their work to the general public, elected officials, donors, and grant makers. The committee works with councils to develop and promote best practices, as well as collaborates with NEH and other organizations on projects of mutual benefit.

Racial Equity Committee

This committee is chaired by a Federation board member and includes members from the board and membership. The committee is focused on how the Federation can put its Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access statement into practice.

Communications & Development Committee

This committee is chaired by a Federation board member. Responsible for providing leadership and support in the planning, implementation, and assessment of the Federation’s development and communications activities, this committee works with Federation staff to develop, review, and update strategies, policies, and plans related to development and communications. Additionally, the committee works to advance councils’ development and communications efforts through training, conference sessions, webinars, and other opportunities.

Audit Committee

This committee consists of no fewer than three members and the board Treasurer and is responsible for making a recommendation to the full board regarding selection of an independent audit firm, meeting with the auditors via conference/video call to review annual audit results, and reporting on the audit to the Federation board, among other related functions.

Finance Committee

Chaired by the Federation Treasurer, this committee oversees the Federation budget, future projects, and membership dues.

National Humanities Conference Planning Committee

This committee includes members from the Federation board, National Humanities Alliance (NHA), host council, and other council staff members, executive directors, and board members. The committee is responsible for developing and issuing a call for session proposals, selecting speakers, and planning special events at the National Humanities Conference (NHC).

Nominating Committee

With a membership drawn from council staff and board members, this committee is responsible for strengthening the Federation’s leadership by carefully reviewing the needs of the organization, soliciting nominations from the membership, overseeing the process for election of board chair, and presenting a slate of candidates at the Annual Business Meeting for membership approval and election to the Federation board. This committee is also responsible for recommending policy and/or bylaw changes related to board member elections.

Annual Business Meeting Committees (teller, minutes, and resolutions)

All Annual Business Meeting committee members are required to attend the Annual Business Meeting, which takes place in conjunction with the National Humanities Conference. The Teller Committee is responsible for tallying votes. The Minutes Committee is responsible for reviewing, editing, and approving the Annual Business Meeting minutes developed by the Federation staff. The Resolutions Committee reviews any resolutions submitted by members and determines whether they are of sufficient relevance and in the appropriate form to be brought to the floor. These committees are determined approximately one to two months before the Annual Business Meeting and are made up of Federation board members and council staff and board members.