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Photo credit: Kira Hirota, A Prime Time Family Reading program produced by Humanities Washington.

Registration for the 2023 National Humanities Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, October 25-29, 2023, will open in July. Meanwhile, get excited for “Indy,” a city flourishing with arts and culture.

The call for Schwartz Prize nominations is open! We look forward to celebrating your 2022 programming at this year’s Schwartz Prize Award Ceremony in Indianapolis. The deadline for nominations is Thursday, August 4, 2023.

Our members tell the stories of our shared human experience, strengthen communities, and help bridge divides.

Making Meaning: Why Humanities Matter

Listen to our podcast exploring the role the humanities have played during the pandemic and in our recovery across the United States. Subscribe to the season and listen to all six episodes!

Princeton University, NJ, USA. Shot on Oct 25, 2018. Shot at dawn, the long cobblestone paths leading up to the Princeton square has an eerie quiet that can stimulate any academic.
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Now more than ever the humanities councils are needed to support their communities. See how you can play a part in this nationwide effort!

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Together we can use the humanities to help us make sense of the world.

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