The Schwartz Prize

36 years of celebrating outstanding work in the
public humanities

The 2018 Schwartz Prize

This year is the 36th anniversary of the Schwartz Prize, an annual award presented to council-conducted or granted programs to recognize and celebrate outstanding work in the public humanities. The 2018 prize winners will be announced in a special ceremony at the 2018 National Humanities Conference in New Orleans, LA this November.

We are now accepting nominations for the 2018 Schwartz Prize! To learn more about submission requirements and recommendations, please view the Call for Nominations announcement. Questions about the nominating or awards process? Email Natalie Pak at 

About the Schwartz Prize

The Schwartz Prize is made possible through an endowment established by Helen and Martin Schwartz in the early 1980s and was designed to bring recognition to outstanding public humanities programs. An outside panel of judges, typically selected from council board members, executive directors, and program officers who have recently won Schwartz Prizes, is appointed to review and judge the Prize nominations. Up to three councils are awarded the Schwartz Prize every year in a special ceremony at the National Humanities Conference. The first prize was awarded to the Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities (now the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities) in 1982.

The 2017 Schwartz Prize

Congratulations to the 2017 Schwartz Prize Winner!

The 2017 Schwartz Prize was awarded to Indiana Humanities for their program “Next Indiana Campfires,” a program judges lauded as “groundbreaking” and a “remarkable confluence of the humanities with the natural world.” View the press release, read their nominating statement, and learn more about their program and where it is today below.

Indiana Humanities Wins Prize
Press Release, November 2017

Next Indiana Campfires
Nominating Statement, 2017

Next Indiana Campfires
Program, 2016-Present

The 2017 Schwartz Prize Nominees

Thank you to Jesse Moss of NEH for this video of the 2017 Schwartz Prize nominees. This video was aired for the first time at the 2017 National Humanities Conference Schwartz Prize awards presentation in Boston, MA.

Nominees included are: California Humanities’ “We Are The Humanities” presented by President & CEO Julie Fry, Indiana Humanities’ “Next Indiana Campfires” presented by Director of Programs and Community Engagement Leah Nahmias, Maryland Humanities’ “A Journey through Vietnam” presented by Executive Director Phoebe Stein, and Missouri Humanities Council’s “Heritage Program” presented by Heritage Resources Coordinator and Development Associate Caitlin Yager and Director of Development Austin Skinner.

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Martin and Helen Schwartz
Founders of the Schwartz Prize Endowment