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The humanities are vital in understanding the histories, contexts, and culture in which we live, work, and serve. They connect us and help teach us how to thrive, together. 

Following are supporting documents highlighting the incredible work being conducted across the country by the state and US territorial humanities councils. Through public programs that use the humanities to bridge divides, connect communities, and promote civic engagement and understanding, the councils are using the humanities to reach underserved populations, preserve the cultural infrastructure of communities, support families – both parents and children – serve veterans, and connect people across differences. Thank you to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for its support of “Humanities in American Life.”

For councils: did you know you could customize any of the following supporting documents? Simply click “customize this” within each description and you can download a copy with a blank and editable “case-in-point” box where you can highlight one of your council’s programs. For high-quality print versions with bleeds, please email Natalie Pak, Federation communications director.

Humanities Councils Get People Talking
Vibrant public discourse is essential to a healthy democracy. Councils support diverse interests. Customize this.

Building the Nation’s Cultural Infrastructure
Long-term investments in the creation of cultural resources that permanently improve communities. Customize this.

Supporting Native Peoples Since 1977
The state humanities councils have often served as a link between native peoples and the larger populace. Customize this.

Where the Humanities Go to Work
Councils create and facilitate programs tailored to their constituents and to the places they live and work. No customization option.

The Case for Reading Together
It fulfills a basic need and widespread desire that cuts across education, income, gender, and life experiences. Customize this.

Humanities Support for Educators
Councils have spent years developing some of the nation’s most well-respected teacher workshops and institutes. Customize this.

Protecting America’s Cultural Heritage
The need for preservation is overwhelming and state humanities councils have rallied to the defense of the nation’s cultural heritage. Customize this.

Family Literacy in America: Are you able to read this?
When people cannot read, they cannot participate fully in civic life, they are far more likely to require social services or be incarcerated. Customize this.

Finding the Humanities in Prisons
Discussion and dialogue outside of prison walls are a crucial part of bettering our criminal justice system. Customize this.

Educational Programming that Expands the Possible
How do you get a student excited about learning? New places, new people, and new ideas. Customize this.