Northern Marianas Humanities Council

“I really gained a lot of knowledge about our history and culture from this program. The Institute was of benefit to me as a teacher, student, parent and lifelong learner.”

GraduateCouncil’s Teacher History Institute

Our Mission

The mission of the Northern Marianas Humanities Council is to foster awareness, understanding and appreciation of the humanities through support for educational programs that relate the humanities to the indigenous cultures and to the intellectual needs and interests of the people of the Commonwealth.

About Us

The Northern Marianas Humanities Council is a non-profit, grants-making corporation established in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands in 1991. The Council administers Council conducted programs and activities overseen by staff and awards competitive Community Grants to groups and organizations in support of humanities projects. The Council’s programs and Community Grants are undertaken in accordance with its Strategic Master Plan. The Council is committed to providing high quality public humanities programming to the people of the Commonwealth.

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