Delaware Humanities Forum

“I have been a compulsive attendee at Literature & Medicine at the Wilmington VA Medical Center since the very first selection was shared in our orientation meeting last year. Though I am not a surgeon, AB Negative: The Surgeon’s Poem (Brian Turner) helped me reflect on my work in ways I don’t believe would have been possible without the powerful group discussion following the reading.”

Victoria FranzPh.D., Wilmington, DE

Our Mission

The Delaware Humanities Forum promotes the humanities as a resource for all Delawareans. Through advocacy, project initiatives, educational outreach and grant awards, humanities specialists and institutions join together to increase awareness and understanding of the connections among people, cultures, and ideas. DHF focuses on issues of public interest and concern and connects daily life and work of all people to the universe of human experience, thought, and imagination.

About Us

Since 1973, the Delaware Humanities Council, governed by a 21-member board, has promoted the humanities by providing an assortment of resources to the people of Delaware. Our programs, which include grants to nonprofit organizations, educational outreach and special projects, are designed to bring the public together with humanities specialists. Our network links cultural, educational, and civic institutions statewide, and focuses on issues of public interest and concern. Ultimately, our goal is to help our residents to learn about life and work by connecting them with other people, cultures, and ideas.

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