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Humanities Guåhan and Ohio Humanities Win Schwartz Prizes for Outstanding Humanities Programming

“This year’s winners reflect the intimate connections the state and US territory humanities councils have with their people,” said Esther Mackintosh, president of the Federation of State Humanities Councils. “From climate change and sustainability to addiction and recovery, these two programs focused on vastly different audiences and challenges, but were similar in their commitment to address critical issues facing their communities; bringing people together, through the humanities, to acknowledge and respond to their unique needs. We are pleased to present the 2019 Schwartz Prize to both Humanities Guåhan and Ohio Humanities for their outstanding programs.”

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NHC Perspectives: Reflections on 33 Years of NHC

“It has been an education and a pleasure to watch the conference grow and evolve since those early days.  Although the formats have evolved and the issues have changed over the years, the core mission of the conference has remained constant: to provide an opportunity for humanities professionals and volunteers to gather together to exchange ideas that will strengthen their programs and practices and to constantly reaffirm the vital role the humanities play in our democratic society.” Journey through time as Federation President Esther Mackintosh unpacks 33 years of National Humanities Conferences.

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NHC Perspectives: Humanities, NEH, and Oceania

“Having arrived here in Honolulu, like most of you, through a series of long-haul flights, I am particularly struck by the theme of this year’s conference: “Roots and Routes: Navigation, Migration, and Exchange in the 21st Century. For me this calls to mind Georgia O’Keeffe… I think of the late Poet Laureate W.S. Merwin… And I think of Mark Twain.” Join NEH Chairman Jon Parrish Peede as he explores the contributions and inspirations derived from the Pacific Islands NHC co-hosts.

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NHC Perspectives: “Inafa’maolek”

“Oceania encompasses enormous diversity and complexity in terms of languages, traditions, and resources and at the same time there exists many shared core values and practices. The conference title, Roots & Routes: Navigation, Migration, and Exchange in the 21st Century, represents some of those commonalities. Roots and routes take on many meanings, one being deep cultural knowledge and its movement across islands and continents. It also touches upon our shared seafaring traditions passed down through generations, the ancient migration of groups that ultimately peopled the islands, as well as modern migration that poses both possibilities and challenges to our communities today.” Read about the conference’s significance regarding place and theme from Humanities Guåhan Executive Director Kimberlee Kihleng.

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NHC Perspectives: “Hoʻokahi nō lā o ka malihini”

“This value teaches me a lot about the way to enter a new or unfamiliar place. I think about who I am and all I bring with me, and try to imagine my potential impact. I connect to my intentions to earn relationship and to give back in some way. I prepare myself humbly to listen and learn. I prepare myself to change. This goal of transformation from malihini to something else is an especially powerful ethic in our contemporary context of roots and routes.” Join Hawai’i Council for the Humanities Executive Director Aiko Yamashiro as she welcomes us to the 2019 National Humanities Conference and dissects what it means to be a visitor.

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FSHC Announces 14 Public Humanities Programs Nominated for 2019 Schwartz Prize

“These programs saw significant impact in their local communities, brought people together, promoted understanding and broke down conversation barriers resulting in real change, growth, and empowerment in their states and territories with reverberations that will be felt across the country.” – Esther Mackintosh, FSHC President

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