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November 6,10,12, & 13, 2020
The National Humanities Conference is now virtual! Join colleagues from across the humanities communities – colleges and universities, libraries, museums, historical societies, and our membership for the first-ever #virtualNHC.

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November 2020
Annual award for outstanding humanities programs conducted or supported by councils. The awards presentation will be held virtually due to the COVID19 pandemic. The call for nominations is now out! Please visit the Schwartz Prize page for more information.

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March 2021
This year, the Federation’s annual advocacy event that typically takes place in Washington, DC will be moved online. We are exploring virtual alternatives. Subscribe to the members’ advocacy listerv and the Federation Update to stay informed of the latest updates and information.

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Federation Board Meetings

January 24-25, 2020

Winter Meeting

The winter board meeting takes place in Washington, DC.

The board reviews the annual plan and budget, prepares for Humanities on the Hill, and welcomes new board members, who participate in an orientation session the morning before the board meeting begins.

July 17-18, 2020

Summer Meeting

This meeting occurs in mid-July in a centrally-located city voted on in November. In 2020, due to COVID-19, the meeting will be held virtually. The agenda typically includes advocacy, the upcoming conference, governance/ membership issues of concern, and approval of the implementation plan for the coming year.

Oct. 29 & 30, 2020

November Meeting

Typically held in conjunction with the National Humanities Conference, this year the fall board meeting will be held virtually. The fall board meeting focuses focuses on a review of the annual Federation evaluation survey results and preparation for the annual business meeting. 


Meet the Board

New board members are voted in during the November Annual Business Meeting and start that next January. This year we welcomed a new chair and five board members: Susan McCarthy, Chair (OK), James Burke (MA), Eva Caldera (DC), David Pettyjohn (ID), endawnis Spears (RI), and Brenda Thomson (AZ).

Federation Committees and Task Forces

NHC Planning Committee
Chaired by Keira Amstutz, IN

The Federation conference committee includes members from the Federation board, NHA, the conference host council, and other councils. The committee is responsible for developing and issuing a call for session proposals, selecting speakers, and planning special events.

Nominating Committee
Chaired by Debra Holland, WA

With a membership drawn from council staff and board members, this committee identifies Federation board needs, solicits nominations from the membership, and presents a slate of candidates to the members for approval at the Annual Business Meeting.

Data & Evaluation Committee
Chaired by Julie Fry, CA

Chaired by a Federation board member, the Data & Evaluation Committee aims to improve council data collection and evaluation practices, thereby enabling councils to strengthen their programming and better highlight the value of their work to the general public, elected officials, donors, and grantmakers. The committee will work with councils to develop and promote best practices and collaborate with NEH and other organizations on projects of mutual benefit.

Legislative Committee
Chaired by Matthew Gibson, VA

Chaired by a Federation board member, this committee works closely with the Federation legislative counsel to determine the Federation advocacy position and inform the membership of important legislative activities, calls to action, and updates.

Development Committee
Chaired by Joan Abrams, RI

Chaired by a Federation board member, this committee is responsible for seeking underwriting for conference events and national partnership opportunities that would offer funding for the councils. In 2015, the committee added a charge to explore diversifying funding for the Federation.

Audit Committee
Chaired by Eric Sanders, MT

Comprised of individuals with financial expertise, including the Federation Treasurer, the Audit Committee works closely with the Federation’s auditors, reviews the final audit, and gives a report at the July board meeting.

Executive Committee
Chaired by Susan McCarthy, OK

This committee is made up entirely of Federation board members and is responsible for the governance of the Federation Board.

NEH Partnership Committee
Chaired by Steve Seibert, FL

Created by the Federation board in 2014, this committee is responsible for maintaining and growing our partnership with the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).

Finance Committee
Chaired by Paxton Williams, IA

Chaired by the Federation Treasurer, this committee oversees the Federation budget, future projections, and membership dues.

Civics Education Task Force
Chaired by Steve Seibert, FL
Annual Business Meeting Committees
Teller, Minutes & Resolutions

All committee members are required to attend the Annual Business Meeting, which takes place in conjunction with the National Humanities Conference.

Teller Committee: The election of board members and the chair is by acclamation, but if any other vote needs to be taken at the meeting, the committee is responsible for tallying votes.

Minutes Committee: The Federation records the meeting and transcribes the minutes. They are then sent to the committee to review, edit, and approve.

Resolutions Committee: They review any resolutions submitted by members and determine if they are of sufficient relevance and are in the appropriate form to be brought to the floor.