What is the FSHC Annual Business Meeting and Should You Attend
The 2019 ABM takes place on Saturday, November 9 at the National Humanities Conference in Honolulu, HI.

The Annual Business Meeting (ABM) occurs every year in conjunction with the National Humanities Conference. In 2019, the ABM will take place in Honolulu, HI on Saturday, November 9, and is open to all Federation members.

We encourage all members who are interested in the future and direction of the Federation of State Humanities Councils to attend as it is an excellent time to learn about the accomplishments, challenges, and future needs of the Federation as well as interact with Federation board members, both existing and upcoming, and staff.

View the Official Notice of the Annual Business Meeting


The Annual Business Meeting is presented by the Federation executive committee with guidance and support from a local, registered Parliamentarian and three committees: the Resolutions, Minutes, and Teller Committees, which are made up of council members and Federation board members.


At the meeting, hear from Federation President Esther Mackintosh as she presents her President’s Report, a “State of the Union” for the Federation and council community, which outlines the organization’s past activities and future goals, including accomplishments, partnerships, and challenges, and her perspective on the humanities community at large. In addition to the President’s Report, hear from Board Chair Bill Tsutsui, Board Treasurer Susan McCarthy, Legislative Committee Chair Ken Egan, and board member Matthew Gibson about the Federation’s strategic direction, finances, advocacy efforts, and partnerships. During each presentation, there will be time for members to ask questions and for each council to vote on the 2020 budget and strategic priorities. Please note that each council gets one vote on all matters that are brought to a vote.

This meeting is also where members elect the Federation’s incoming board members! The 2019 board candidates were vetted and selected to the slate by the Federation Nominating Committee, which is made up of board and council members.  The candidate criterion varies year by year, but generally includes both public members and council executive directors with a diversity of professional, personal, and academic backgrounds.

Once the updates are presented, votes are in, questions asked, and resolutions presented, there is an opportunity for tributes and personal resolutions which are presented by individual councils. Please note that all resolutions, according to the Bylaws, must be filed with the Secretary of the Federation no later than Friday, October 9, 2019 in order to provide sufficient time for the membership’s review in advance of the meeting. For proposed resolutions of appreciation, or tributes, submission can occur after the October 9 deadline, but must be received no later than 1:30 pm on Friday, November 8, 2019, in order to receive prior review by the Resolutions Committee. Learn more in the official notice of the annual business meeting.


Yes! If you are a board member, an executive director, or a staff member of any of the state, DC, or US territory humanities councils, this meeting is for you! Learn what’s happening in the humanities community on a national scale and how the Federation can assist you in your work. If you have any questions leading up to the meeting or following, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. For committees, please email Joy Hickey at jhickey@statehumanities.org. For all other inquiries, please email connect@statehumanities.org.

We look forward to seeing you there!