Recent News Feed

Display a feed of recent news, optionally filtered be a News Tag.

Use the following short code in a content item to display a news feed without filters:
[pods name="news" orderby="post_date DESC" limit="3" template="Recent News Callout"]

If you wish to filter the news by a News Tag, use this short code:
[pods name="news" orderby="post_date DESC" limit="3" where="tags.slug = 'YOUR_NEWS_TAG_SLUG'" template="Recent News Callout"]

Replace YOUR_NEWS_TAG_SLUG with the News Tag slug to be filtered by. This slug can be found in the News Tags Taxonomy.

To adjust the amount of items that display, change the 3 to your desired amount.

Recent News Example

Meet the 2022 Federation Board of Directors

November 18, 2021

The 2022 Federation Board of Directors welcomes three new board members and a new chair elected on November 12, 2021, by the Federation membership at the 2021 Annual Business Meeting held in conjunction with the virtual National Humanities Conference. The board officers were voted on by the 2022 board of directors in a meeting following the annual business meeting.

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Recent News Example with Filter

Guide to Humanities on the Hill Resources

March 1, 2019

Find everything you need to know for Humanities on the Hill 2019. From links to advocacy and event resources to hotel and app information, here’s your one-stop spot for HoH information. Questions? Email

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Finding the Humanities in Everyday American Life

February 6, 2019

Public awareness resources, including eleven briefing documents and three animated videos are available for councils to customize, download, and use in any outreach efforts. These resources were developed as part of the Mellon-funded “Humanities in American Life” initiative.

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Mississippi and Oregon Win 2018 Schwartz Prize

November 16, 2018

Two Schwartz Prizes Awards were announced at the 2018 National Humanities Conference Schwartz Prize Awards Presentation. The two awards went to Mississippi Humanities Council for its “Racial Equity Grant Program,” and to Oregon Humanities for “This Land.”

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