PROGRAM: Think & Drink

Presented by:
Maine Humanities Council
Subject: African American/Black, Cross-Cultural Understanding, Varies Audience: All, Young Adult

“We’ve all had deep discussions with our friends while we’re out at night – why not add a couple of experts to the mix and really take it up a notch?” That’s the idea behind this Maine Humanities Council program, which has now been launched in several other states.

Think & Drink is a happy-hour series based in Portland, Bangor, and other Maine locations that sparks “provocative conversations about big ideas.” These conversations are facilitated by experts in related fields and are free to the public.

Upcoming Events:


SPACE Gallery Portland, ME

How does society define criminal behavior and who is a criminal? What do we want from our police and how are they trained? What powers do we place in the hands of the state (police, legal system, prisons) and how do we monitor the use of those powers? Join the council to tackle these questions and more during this fourth season of Think & Drink.

FEBRUARY 28 – What is a criminal? Panelists include Alicia Wilcox, assistant professor, school of legal studies, Husson University; Michael Rocque, assistant professor, sociology, Bates College; and Carl Williams, National Lawyers Guild.

APRIL 5 – What makes a police officer? Training and expectations of law enforcement. Sarah Walton, executive director of PE+ACE (Policing Education & Active Civic Engagement), co-author of Maine Law Enforcement Officer’s Manual, and former Maine Assistant Attorney General, will speak.

MAY 3 – Who’s watching whom? Physical surveillance by and of the police. Panelists include: Zach Heiden, legal director, ACLU of Maine and Leroy Rowe, assistant professor of African American History and Politics, University of Southern Maine.

JUNE 7 – What’s the harm? Emotional challenges of policing and being policed with Kate Braestrup, chaplain, Maine Warden Service and author

Past Events Include:

2016: Citizens and Citizenship (Portland and Bangor, ME)

2015: Redefinition (Bangor, ME)

2015: Disruption (Portland, ME)

2014: In a Networked World (Portland, ME)