PROGRAM: Teacher Workshops

Presented by:
North Carolina Humanities Council
Local Partner: K-12 Institutions, Libraries Subject: Professional Development, Varies Audience: Educators

The North Carolina Humanities Council offers professional development opportunities for educators to invigorate their teaching practice and engage student learning through innovative approaches to history, literature, and culture. Our teacher workshops examine and illuminate our personal and collective stories while asking fundamental questions about identity, work, and culture. They also encourage an appreciation of others’ stories and perspectives to transform communities through new insights. We invite educators to inquire, imagine, and learn.

Current Opportunities:

Let’s Talk About It, library discussion series bringing scholars and community members together to explore how selected books, films, or poetry illuminate a particular theme. The council issues a certificate to participating educators documenting their completion of the series and noting that the series has carried one certification credit in the past. It is up to local offices to award credit.