PROGRAM: Road Scholars

Presented by:
North Carolina Humanities Council
Subject: Varies Audience: All

Road Scholars includes over 70 speakers whose lectures focus on issues of history, literature, philosophy, ethics, religious studies, linguistics, jurisprudence, history, and criticism of the arts, sociology, and certain aspects of social sciences.

The speakers bring a variety of presentations which explore the nuances of identity and community. Some of them start in North Carolina, revisiting rural farm life, regional folklore, the dynamics of ethnic populations throughout the state, and the history of local traditions. Others discuss the legacies of historical events including the Wilmington Race Riot of 1898, the Harlem Renaissance, and the Holocaust. Some explore the history and techniques of art, from Latin American music to North Carolina crafts. Others widen perspectives on a variety of literary genres, including poetry, autobiography, and oral history.

Learn more about the program, the speakers, and how to be a host site by visiting the council’s website.