PROGRAM: War Stories

Presented by:
Oregon Humanities
Current Initiative: Standing Together National Partner: NEH Subject: War/Veterans Audience: All, Children and Families, Veterans

Oregon Humanities began offering a free, six-month reading, writing, and discussion small group for Portland-area veterans, family members of veterans, and civilians. Those who serve, their families, and civilians at home all experience wartime differently and the gaps of understanding other’s perspectives, huge. War Stories is an opportunity to come together to explore the experience of military service, wartime, and the challenges and opportunities of transitioning from active duty to civilian life through talking and reflection.

Participants will read selections of poems, essays, and memoirs from veterans and writers from the Civil War through the most recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that cover themes ranging from patriotism to ethics to homecoming and family. Prompts will also be provided for those wishing to write about and reflect on their own experiences and impressions of war. Each session is moderated by a Sean Davis, a facilitator who is a veteran and published author. Materials and meals are also provided.

This program takes place the first Tuesday of each month, December 6, 2016 through May 2, 2017 in Portland.

NEH’s Standing Together initiative is a supporter of this program.Standing Together was created to promote understanding of the military experience and to support returning veterans.