PROGRAM: Special Projects – From Troy to Baghdad

Presented by:
New Hampshire Humanities
National Partner: NEH Local Partner: Colleges and Universities Subject: War/Veterans Audience: Veterans

From Troy to Baghdad: Dialogues on the Experience of War & Homecoming

The ancient tale of Odysseus’ epic 10-year journey home from the Trojan War has much to tell us about the challenges of homecoming for today’s combat veterans. Contemporary literature combines with The Odyssey to reveal timeless and universal truths about combat trauma, duty and honor, personal sacrifice, and readjustment. Veterans and current service members have been participating in this 14-week reading and discussion group co-led by facilitator teams of veterans, clinicians, and content experts. This program is supported through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Dartmouth College, and New Hampshire Humanities. For more information about the public phase of the project, please contact Dr. Kathy Mathis, Program Director, at 603-224-4071 or email

“These are the conversations the world needs to have.”

– Afghanistan veteran and facilitator Brendan O’Byrne, Dialogues on the Experience of War & Homecoming  (click on image for short video)

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