#HumCitizen: Journalism, Democracy, and Community

Presented by:
Rhode Island Council for the Humanities
Current Initiative: Democracy and the Informed Citizen National Partner: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The Pulitzer Prizes Subject: Journalism, Literacy Audience: All

The Rhode Island Council for the Humanities will create a six-part series of podcasts, radio segments, and a public forum that will examine provocative questions and critical challenges facing the media. Programs will look inside the news gathering process and examine how journalists can strengthen the connection and re-build the trust of citizens they serve. The topics of the final two podcasts will be chosen through an innovative software program that collects information from the public and engages them in the development of the news story. The culminating public program will explore the theme of the final podcast with a panel of journalists and scholars.


“(Press)ed” Podcast Series Online, RI  (Press)ed is a podcast that explores how media and journalism impact civic life and identity in Rhode Island. Focusing on the stories, people, places, and news that resonate with locals, the series sheds light on how larger social trends in political and media landscapes alter the foundation of democracy, person by person. The first two episodes of (Press)ed will encourage listeners to see themselves in the stories, to draw connections to their own identities and communities, and to consider the rights and responsibilities we all have in preserving a diverse democracy.


(Press)ed Podcast – Online, RI