PROGRAM: Hometown Teams

Presented by:
Maryland Humanities
National Partner: Smithsonian – Museum on Main Street Audience: Rural Communities

In the fall of 2013, Maryland Humanities Council (MHC) launched its campaign to host the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service “Museum on Main Street” exhibit Hometown Teams, to tour throughout the state of Maryland from February to November 2015. The council initiated the application process for five sites to host Hometown Teams and participate in capacity building activities throughout 2014, working in fields varying from exhibition design to docent training to marketing. The Galesville Community Center (GCC) in Anne Arundel County applied to the Council to host the exhibit and was selected based on its goal to galvanize the community in examining, preserving, and celebrating the area’s historic resources.

In the fall of 2014, the Director of Museum on Main Street, approached state humanities councils hosting Museum on Main Street (MoMS) exhibitions about partnering to apply for a Youth Access Implementation Grant. Seizing this opportunity as a way to engage new youth audiences, augment MoMS and other Council programming by capturing and sharing stories that were often overlooked, and further cross-cultural relationships, MHC partnered with the Galesville Community Center to submit an application. In the winter of 2014-15, MHC and the Galesville Community Center were selected by MoMS to participate, solidifying the opportunity to facilitate exploration of the history of the Galesville community while deepening relationships among disparate segments of the population.

Judges praised this program for its “transformative effect it had on a community group,” and how it “elegantly integrated the schools, a community center and the community at larger around unsung historical sites.”

This program won a Schwartz Prize in 2015 for outstanding work in the public humanities. To view the full nominating statement please click here.

Schwartz Prize Winner 2015