Local Partner: Colleges and Universities, K-12 Institutions, Libraries, Other Subject: K-12 Education, Literacy, Professional Development, Schwartz Prize Nominee, Varies Audience: All, Children and Families

The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities has responded to the urgent and critical need for enriching early childhood experiences with a premier humanities program for vulnerable families. With this program model, the power of the humanities is harnessed to enhance child, family, and community outcomes. Parents along with their 3-5 year olds are shown and practice positive interactions and school readiness techniques through sharing high-quality children’s literature and engagement with age-appropriate activities, all focused on key humanities themes. Through training in best practices and methods the effectiveness of those teaching our youngest students is amplified, furthering the impact of the program beyond the immediate participants.

The program has successfully spread statewide with 144 programs completed in partnership with community education organizations in just three short years, showing positive impact and measurable results. To date, PRIME TIME Preschool has reached approximately 2,880 underserved individuals in Louisiana and distributed approximately 9,000 humanities-themed books to low-income families.

This program was nominated for a 2015 Schwartz Prize.
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