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#HumCitizen: Soundbites & Substance – Media Literacy in Ohio


Statewide, OH – [resources] The council will work with journalism scholars, Pulitzer Prize winners, and journalists to produce a collection of materials that will explore a range of media literacy ideas to help Ohioans employ media literacy tools in their consumption of print, broadcast, and social media. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Media Literacy 101


Atlanta, GA – [panel, guide, digital] A series of three public programs to take place in 2019, conducted in partnership with the Atlanta Press Club and the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia, will offer citizens of Atlanta the opportunity to examine and better understand today’s complex media landscape through bringing together local reporters with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists. (Public, Students, Educators)

#HumCitizen: Journalism in the Age of Fake News


Statewide, CT – [grants, videos, workshop] The council will work as convener to help facilitate a statewide exploration about why people are distrustful of the news, how technology is changing information consumption, and how citizens can better evaluate news sources. (Public, Students, Educators)

#HumCitizen: The Power of the Pen

West Virginia

Statewide, WV – [forums, podcast, radio] A series of three public programs featuring Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Eric Eyre, Eric Newhouse, and John Hackworth, as well as a podcast with Eyre and radio rebroadcast of the forums. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Journalism, Democracy, and Community

Rhode Island

Statewide, RI – [podcast, radio, forum] The Rhode Island Council for the Humanities will create a six-part series of podcasts, radio segments, and a public forum that will examine provocative questions and critical challenges facing the media. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Next Indiana Campfires: Using Environmental Writing to Better Inform Hoosiers


Statewide, IN – [hikes, discussion] Indiana Humanities will use nature and literature to help Hoosiers connect to the land and discuss how to be informed and active citizens. A special trek for journalists will also take place. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Moment of Truth: Journalism and Democracy in the Misinformation Age


Select Locations, WA – [community conversation] The council will host eleven Think & Drink events in five locations across Washington, along with two larger public events featuring a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer on either side of the state. Topics will include “fake news,” new technology, and the future of journalism. (Public)

#HumCitizen: People Powered Publishing Conference


Chicago, IL – [conference] This two-day event will feature talks, workshops, and clinics highlighting journalistic work that incorporates public dialogue and participation into the reporting process, with an aim of creating an opportunity for reflection and dialogue between journalists and the public. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Beyond the Headlines


Select Locations, WI – [conversations, panels, workshop] Working with local steering committees, the council will organize community events in five cities that examine the role of journalism through the lens of issues crucial to those cities. From race relations to water, these events will bring together journalists, scholars, and community leaders. (Public, Journalists)

#HumCitizen: Democracy and the Informed Citizen


Select Locations, MO – [panels, lectures, community conversations] Throughout the year, the Missouri Humanities Council will explore the role of journalism in four major areas of the state: Columbia, Springfield, St. Louis and Kansas City through public forums, lectures, panels, and community conversations. (Students, Public)

#HumCitizen: Democracy and the Informed Citizen Salon Programs


Select Locations, NV – [salons] Nevada Humanities will expand its Salon and Pop-Up Salon series in Reno and statewide, producing six regular Salon programs in Reno and six Pop-Up Salons in Las Vegas, Fallon, Elko, Ely, Mesquite, and Incline Village. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Pulitzer Prizes Democracy and the Informed Citizen


Statewide, UT – [print, panels, reading and discussion] Working with the Salt Lake City Tribune, the University of Utah, and the Salt Lake City Public Library, Utah Humanities will create a variety of public programs examining media literacy, investigative journalism, and the future of journalism. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Democracy and the Informed Citizen in the Land of Enchantment

New Mexico

Statewide, NM – [lectures, film series, Chautauqua] The New Mexico Humanities Council will host a series of public programs that will examine the past, present, and future of newspapers, and the vital role they have played and may yet play in our society and democracy. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Democracy and the Future of Journalism


Statewide, NE – [community conversations] Humanities Nebraska will organize six community conversations with a moderated panel of journalists in urban, suburban, and rural areas to consider the state of modern-day journalism and its impact on the lives of Nebraskans and their communities. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Fact Checking and Trust in Journalism


Tallahassee and St. Petersburg, FL – [panel] The Florida Humanities Council will partner with the Poynter Institute to develop programs in St. Petersburg and Tallahassee that examine media accountability, fact checking and rebuilding trust in journalism. (Public, Students)