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PROGRAM: Traveling Exhibits

West Virginia

Ongoing- [statewide] Traveling exhibits focus on subjects of interest to people in the Mountain State. (Exhibit)

RESOURCE: e-WV: The West Virginia Encyclopedia

West Virginia

Ongoing – [online]Thousands of articles on WV’s people, places, history, arts, science and culture. (Encyclopedia)

PROGRAM: WV The Bill of Rights and You

West Virginia

2016 – [Archived] An exhibit commemorating the 225th anniversary of the Bill of Rights. (National Archives, Bill of Rights, Exhibit)

OVERVIEW: West Virginia Pulitzer Prizes Centennial Campfires Activities

West Virginia

2016 – [Archived] A conference commemorating the Pulitzer Prize centennial and featuring more than 25 sessions on a range of topics. (Pulitzer Prizes Campfires, State Overview)

RESOURCE: West Virginia Classics

West Virginia

2016 – [Archived] New editions of important WV literary works published with new introductions. (Publication)