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#HumCitizen: Pulitzer Prizes Democracy and the Informed Citizen


Statewide, UT – [print, panels, reading and discussion] Working with the Salt Lake City Tribune, the University of Utah, and the Salt Lake City Public Library, Utah Humanities will create a variety of public programs examining media literacy, investigative journalism, and the future of journalism. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Democracy and the Informed Citizen in the Land of Enchantment

New Mexico

Statewide, NM – [lectures, film series, Chautauqua] The New Mexico Humanities Council will host a series of public programs that will examine the past, present, and future of newspapers, and the vital role they have played and may yet play in our society and democracy. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Democracy and the Future of Journalism


Statewide, NE – [community conversations] Humanities Nebraska will organize six community conversations with a moderated panel of journalists in urban, suburban, and rural areas to consider the state of modern-day journalism and its impact on the lives of Nebraskans and their communities. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Fact Checking and Trust in Journalism


Tallahassee and St. Petersburg, FL – [panel] The Florida Humanities Council will partner with the Poynter Institute to develop programs in St. Petersburg and Tallahassee that examine media accountability, fact checking and rebuilding trust in journalism. (Public, Students)

#HumCitizen: Media and Message


New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA – [podcasts, print, symposium] Through a series of podcasts and magazine articles, the council will focus on historic conflicts between powerful Louisiana political figures and the press. A symposium at Louisiana State University will also explore these themes. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Kentucky Reads “All the King’s Men” by Robert Penn Warren


Statewide, KY – [panel, reading and discussion] The council will use Robert Penn Warren’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel “All the King’s Men” to inform panel discussions at five sites across Kentucky, as well as reading and discussion groups across the state. Additionally, the council will host a screening and discussion of a new documentary. (Students, Public)

#HumCitizen: Journalism & Democracy


Statewide, MS – [summit, panels, workshops, presentation, summer camp, festival, podcasts, other] The Mississippi Humanities Council will address the theme of “Journalism and Democracy” through an array of public programs on the importance of journalism in creating informed, engaged citizens, and with a variety of partners. (Public, K-12, Students)

#HumCitizen: Democracy and the Informed Citizen


Statewide, VT – [talks, podcast, camps, symposium, professional development] A multi-faceted approach to reach a variety of audiences with the theme of “Informed Citizen.” The council will host public talks through their First Wednesdays program, reading and discussion series, a week-long summer camp for middle-school students, podcasts, and a symposium about the future of journalism. (Public, Students, Educators)

#HumCitizen: Journalism and Resident Engaged Community Development


Chester and Carlisle, PA – [radio, conversation] The council will work with its civic engagement partners to develop programs that focus on how journalists, artists, historians, and residents engaged in community development projects tell a community story and motivate change. (Public)

#HumCitizen: A Place that Looks like Home: Portraying Place in Contemporary Guam


Guam – [workshop, lecture, conversation] Pulitzer Prize finalist Inara Verzemnieks will travel to Guam for a week-long tour to conduct two master classes for journalists, a series of workshops for college and high school students, and a public presentation. (Public, Journalists, Young Adult)

#HumCitizen: Heal Up and Hair Over – Civility’s Role in Public Trust


Online – [digital, conversation] The council will publish a new and expanded edition of its “Heal Up and Hair Over” which will inspire a public program with a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and six program segments on Wyoming Public Radio and Television. A pop-up newsroom at a live event will also work to capture how citizens of the state feel about civility in Wyoming. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Emerging Journalists, Community Stories


Statewide, OR – [workshop, conversation] The council will pair four emerging journalists with Pulitzer Prize-winning writers to report on the untold or little known stories of Oregon. Then, the journalists will present their stories in a public event to launch a discussion about the changing media landscape and its impact on democratic institutions. (Public, Journalists)

#HumCitizen: Democracy and the Informed Citizen


Boise, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, ID – [lectures] A series of three Distinguished Humanities Lectures focused on journalism and what it means to be an informed citizen will feature Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and will be open to the public. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Maryland Justice Summit – What Is Justice?


Baltimore, MD – [summit] This two-day summit will feature TED-style talks, panel discussions, documentary film talk-backs, and first-person accounts to provide a deeper understanding of the complexities of the American justice system and the role the media plays in helping citizens understand it. (Public)

#HumCitizen: Journalism in a Thriving Democracy


Online & Roanoke, VA – [radio, panel] A six part radio series featuring Pulitzer-winning writers who will explore both historical and contemporary examples of the critical role that journalism plays in our democracy. Additional programs include a panel of Pulitzer-winning journalists who will discuss national issues through the lens of local reporting. (Public)