OVERVIEW: South Carolina Pulitzer Prizes Centennial Campfires Activities

Presented by:
SC Humanities
Current Initiative: Centennial Campfires National Partner: The Pulitzer Prizes Local Partner: Colleges and Universities, Public Radio, Public Television Subject: Journalism, Literacy, Varies Audience: All

Partnering with SCETV and the University of South Carolina, SC Humanities launched “From the Jazz Age to the Digital Age: Pulitzer Prize Winners in South Carolina,” an initiative aimed at spotlighting South Carolina Pulitzer Prize winners through television and digital broadcasts. Three 30-minute programs were taped in front of a live audience for distribution in May 2016. The programs were also made available for national distribution and were streamed on the internet. They continue to be available on the SCETV website.

Programs included:

Additionally, the council secured a half-hour, stand-alone program “Palmetto Scene” featuring Prize-winner Jim Hoagland and an hour-long radio program, “Walter Edgar’s Journal” with Hoagland as the sole guest. The council also prominently featured the Campfires activities in its Fall 2016 SC Humanities newsletter and annual report.

According to the council and information provided by SCETV and SC Public Radio, at least 5,000 households tuned into the television programs. The radio interview with Jim Hoagland reached at least 26,000 listeners.


  • SC Public Radio
  • University of South Carolina


  • Kathleen Parker, The Washington Post, Commentary (2010)
  • Jim Hoagland, The Washington Post, Commentary (1991)
  • Jennifer Berry Hawes, The (Charleston) Post and Courier team, Public Service (2015)
  • Natalie Caula-Hauff, The (Charleston) Post and Courier team, Public Service (2015)
  • Glenn Smith, The (Charleston) Post and Courier team, Public Service (2015)


  • Columbia, SC

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