PROGRAM: Outstanding Educator Awards

Presented by:
Humanities Tennessee
Local Partner: K-12 Institutions Subject: K-12 Education, Other, Professional Development Audience: Educators

Outstanding Educator Awards are available for up to six full-time, 3rd–12th grade Tennessee teachers who have demonstrated excellence in teaching the humanities, thus making the humanities an important part of their students’ lives. Since 1985, Humanities Tennessee has awarded almost $400,000 to 169 teachers in Tennessee.

Each award recipient will receive a fellowship to further their professional development in the humanities. The award recipient’s school will also receive a grant to be used for the purchase of humanities instructional materials or for student humanities projects. Teachers of English, foreign language, history and social studies are eligible, as are librarians and teachers of art, drama and music, provided they employ a solid humanities approach to these subjects through emphasis on the history, theory, and criticism of the arts.

In addition to being skillful and dedicated teachers who possess an expansive and in-depth knowledge of the humanities subject they teach, nominees should have the respect of students, parents and co-workers, as well as a record of active involvement in community activities and professional organizations, particularly those activities and organizations which involve promoting an understanding of the humanities. To view all past winners, click here.