RESOURCE: Nuestros Corridos: Latinos in Idaho

Presented by:
Idaho Humanities Council
Subject: Art/Photography, Cross-Cultural Understanding, History, Latinos, Other, Performing Arts, Schwartz Prize Nominee Audience: All

This multi-faceted project, designed to reach an underserved, minority population in Idaho, reached audiences totaling 625, with the final product having the potential to impact the general public, teachers, and students for years to come. The project was funded with a series of grants totaling $16,750 from the Idaho Humanities Council to an organization called Mujeres Unidas de Idaho over several years to teach the history and composition of traditional Mexican corridos. Corridos are unique musical ballads that record and preserve “news of the day,” and which often profile noteworthy individuals and historical events in a musical story.

To purchase a copy of Nuestros Corridos: Latinos in Idaho, please visit the council’s website.

This program was nominated for a 2015 Schwartz Prize.
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