JUST Listening: A Short Film About Art & Activism focuses on art as a reaction to tragedy and as a form of activism. The documentary was produced by Speak Up Productions and includes images of art, spoken word, a brief historical narrative on Ferguson by Professional Storyteller Bobby Norfolk, and interviews with artists/activists, known as “artivists.”

The film captures a moment in American history of both regional and national significance to the ongoing racial divide in our country. As stated by President Obama in his proclamation for National Arts & Humanities month, “they [the arts and humanities] speak to our condition and affirm our desire for something more and something better.” The JUST Listening project seeks to do just this—affirm our desire for something better.

JUST Listening creates a humanities-focused narrative dedicated to cataloging the art and activism of the movement that started in Ferguson on August 9, 2014 and is catalyzing authentic change in St. Louis. The project connects the community to the artists and the work they produce to raise awareness about racial inequality and injustices in and around Saint Louis, Missouri.

Quotes from attendees:

“I feel motivated and I hope this video will be released on social media so that more people can experience it.”

“The panel is very diverse, with the same common goal, “change.” Great conversation and video.”

“So powerful & moving! The news should have showed these images.”