PROGRAM: Jenice Riley Memorial Scholarship

Presented by:
Alabama Humanities Alliance
Subject: Professional Development, Varies Audience: Educators

The Jenice Riley Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of the late Jenice Riley for her extraordinary commitment to enhancing the quality of education in Alabama. The daughter of Alabama governor Bob Riley and his wife Patsy, Jenice Riley had a passion for teaching kindergarten and infused her students with creativity and a desire to learn. She encouraged parents to get involved in their children’s education and actively promoted better educational programs and disciplines within her community.

The scholarship is a $1000 award to K-6 educators pursuing history and civic-related programs and projects to implement in their schools and/or classroom. This $1,000 award helps them attend a seminar or institute, purchase classroom materials, or create a program that enhances their students’ understanding of history and civics.