#HumCitizen: FRANK Talks – The spread of fake news

Presented by:
Arizona Humanities
Current Initiative: Democracy and the Informed Citizen National Partner: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Subject: Journalism, Literacy, Varies


FRANK Talks – The spread of fake news: Is there a vaccine for that? Casa Grande, AZ – Like a virus, fake news catches on erratically, intensely, and swiftly, and can leave the American public feeling dazed and confused. How can media producers and consumers cure the spread of this false-information outbreak? What steps are technology and media companies taking? How can we protect ourselves and maintain a healthy dose of democratic discourse and debate? Learn about the standard practices of journalism, and how to become a savvy news consumer. Join us for a FRANK Talk, featuring Gail Rhodes from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, on how to find the right prescription for healthy media consumption.

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