GRANT: Hoosiers: The Story of Indiana

Presented by:
Indiana Humanities
Subject: History, Other, Varies Audience: All

Indiana Humanities is proud to collaborate on Hoosiers: The Story of Indiana a new four-part documentary series that traces the development of the state of Indiana from its birth through the 21st century. The series, produced by WFYI Public Media, is based on James H. Madison’s book Hoosiers: A New History of Indiana. Both the book and the documentary have been released in celebration of Indiana’s 2016 Bicentennial.

The first three episodes trace the history of Indiana; Indiana Humanities funded and collaborated with WFYI, Professor Madison and producer Eric Halvorson to create a fourth segment focused on the Next Indiana, thus tying the series to our current thematic initiative. In the 60-minute episode, we travel to different communities around the state who are tackling today’s challenges head-on, meeting the restless, innovative people who are shaping the future of our state. Some of the issues include questions of rural broad-band access (connecting to rural electrification in the 1930s); transitioning from an industrial sector focused on automotive production to one focused on high-tech medical devices; how Latinos are changing the demographics and shaping the future of small towns; how farming is changing (consolidation of small family farms, incorporating of high-tech methods, etc.), and how urbanization and suburbanization are changing our communities. To accompany the episode, Indiana Humanities is developing discussion guides and resources to encourage Hoosiers to talk about how their own communities are changing, how they envision the future, what they are willing to let go of as times change, and what they want to be sure to hold on to.