GRANT: Next Indiana Examining Ethics Podcast Series

Presented by:
Indiana Humanities
Subject: Cross-Cultural Understanding, Gender, History, Other, War/Veterans Audience: All

A three-part series that explores ethical questions raised by Indiana’s state history. Topics include infrastructure, incarceration, and immigration. The podcast was created in partnership with DePauw University’s Prindle Institute for Ethics and all episodes are available on the Indiana Humanities website.

EPISODE 1 (June 29, 2016) explored how an early 19th century infrastructure project turned into an epic failure and led to a change in the state constitution.

EPISODE 2 (August 31, 2016) examined what “Hoosier Hospitality” really meant through the story of a group of Hoosiers who during “tremendous wartime hysteria” helped Japanese American students escape West Coast internment camps and resettle in Indiana.

EPISODE 3 (October 26, 2016) detailed the history of the first women’s prison in the nation, built in Indiana in 1873. Researchers discussed uncovered stories about the early history of the prison that call official textbook accounts into question. The prison is still open and imprisoning women.