PROGRAM: Educator Cross Cultural Immersion

Presented by:
Alaska Humanities Forum
Local Partner: K-12 Institutions, Nonprofits, Other Subject: History, Indigenous Peoples, K-12 Education, Professional Development, Varies Audience: Educators, K-12

The Educator Cross-Cultural Immersion (ECCI) Program is an experiential program to help public school educators in urban Alaska better serve their Alaska Native students, communicate across cultural differences, and incorporate Alaska Native Ways of Knowing and Learning into their classrooms.

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Alaska Native Education Program, ECCI has operated across the state of Alaska for the last fifteen years. During the program, educators receive graduate-level credit for completing coursework in cross-culturally competent pedagogy, enhanced by an immersion experience at an Alaska Native Culture Camp. Educators attend a 1.5 day orientation in late May, travel to a Culture Camp during the summer, attend a 1.5 day debrief in September, and submit reflective coursework.