RESOURCE: Continuing Ed: Parents and the Future of Illinois Public Schools

Presented by:
Illinois Humanities Council
Local Partner: K-12 Institutions, Libraries, Nonprofits, Other Subject: K-12 Education, Literacy, Varies Audience: All, Children and Families, Educators, K-12

This compendium gathers the voices and resources that Illinois Humanities (IH) saw during their yearlong, statewide program on the future of public education in Illinois.

In events that last from April 2016 to May 2017, Continuing Ed. connected parents from neighborhoods across the city and cities across the state. In Chicago, IH worked with Senn High School on the Northside, Kelly High School on the Southwest side, and Kenwood Academy and U Chicago Charter School on the Southside. The series also involved parents in the communities of Elgin and Decatur, as well as Alexander, Union, and Jackson counties.

Through public talks, small-group discussions, and conversation-facilitation training, Continuing Ed. helped local communities better advocate for their schools by connecting parents and guardians across the city and across the state and convening a conversation between parents and policymakers.