PROGRAM: Chautauqua

Presented by:
Humanities Nebraska
Subject: History, Performing Arts, Varies, War/Veterans Audience: All, Children and Families, Young Adult, Youth/Teen

Central to the Chautauqua experience are the scholar portrayals of historical figures under the Chautauqua tent. Each Chautauquan gives a 40-minute, first-person presentation as his or her historical character, then answers questions. Workshops for children and adults along with other activities are held throughout the Chautauqua week.

Summer 2017, World War One: Legacies of a Forgotten War Chautauqua will be coming to Seward (June 15-18) and Nebraska City (June 21-24). World War 1: Legacies of a Forgotten War is a three-year Chautauqua series presented by the council throughout the state of Nebraska. This program allows audience members to come together to develop a fuller understanding of the lasting influence of the Great War, including:

  • How the War led to changes in America’s role in international relations
  • How the War impacted the home front, including race, gender, ethnicity, and class issues; and
  • How technology shaped the War

As part of this Chautauqua, five scholars will explore and discuss with local communities the lasting impacts and how those impacts affect Americans today. Each scholar will portray historical figures who experienced many of the tremendous impacts of the Great War, both at home and abroad. Each evening, Woodrow Wilson will moderate one of four presentations of the following historical figures: author Edith Wharton, activist W.E.B. Du Bois, politician William Jennings Bryan, and social reformer Jane Addams.

Daily workshops will give participants a chance to discuss the legacy of the Great War. Additional programs include a Youth Chautauqua Day Camp, and local history programs.