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Arkansas Humanities Council
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The Arkansas Humanities Resource Center (AHRC) collection includes exhibits, videotapes, slide/tape programs, audio CDs, video CDs and DVDs, and other audio resources. These materials are for use by Arkansas audiences only. The AHRC also houses numerous publications about Arkansas and by Arkansas authors. Please contact the AHRC office for information on specific titles.Some recent materials include:

  • Foot Soliders for Freedom

A new exhibit produced by the Board of Directors of the Arkansas Humanities Council, the Black History Commission of Arkansas, and many local and state historians and scholars, that chronicles many everyday people and lesser-known events that were part of the struggle for Civil Rights in Arkansas.

  • Old School: Remembering the Brinkley Academy

In 1893, a confederation of Missionary Baptist congregations in eastern Arkansas pooled their resources to found a secondary academy for African American youths. The Consolidated White River Academy, commonly referred to as the Brinkley Academy, and peer institutions scattered throughout Arkansas, supplied what the public school systems of the day did not: access to academic and vocational high school education. The academies provided direction, instruction, and inspiration to their students through the first half of the twentieth century, not closing until public school systems began to offer high school opportunities for African American students. This exhibit features rare images of the Academy, its students, and early Brinkley. Available with the exhibit is a bibliography, discussion questions, and other educational and promotional materials