Presented by:
Indiana Humanities
Subject: Digital Humanities, Other, Schwartz Prize Nominee, Varies Audience: All

The core of ALL-IN is a website that poses questions, provides trivia, features infographics and polls, and issues challenges in eight categories rooted in the humanities (explore, discover, read, remember, participate, connect, reflect, and dream). The interactive site boasts a scoreboard and opportunities to share progress with friends on social media – and even to customize a hashtag with your zip code. Sharing challenge completions on social media via the website was popular, but we discovered that in-person events, organized and held locally, were a great complement to the digital platform.

ALL-IN launched June 2014 at a party with more than 100 of our friends and partners. Since that time, we’ve designed numerous strategies and program opportunities (online and offline) to get Hoosiers to go ALL-IN.

This program was nominated for a 2015 Schwartz Prize.
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