Sunday NHC Tours

July 23, 2019

This year, stay through Sunday and experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and tours at the National Humanities Conference! Sunday at NHC offers the chance to engage in hands-on activities to learn maritime skills and sail on a Kanehunamoku, take a living history tour through the grounds of ‘Iolani Palace and retrace four pivotal days leading up to and including the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, attend an evening concert, and take a guided hike to explore the Hawaiian landscape with a humanities scholar and reflect on identity and place. We fully anticipate these tours filling up quickly so stay tuned for more information, including when registration for the tours opens (late-August 2019).

Intro to Pacific Island Traditional Sailing & Navigation

Visit with the Kanehunamoku Voyaging Academy (KVA) in Kaneohe Bay and engage in hands-on activities to learn maritime skills, non-instrumental navigation, elemental observations, teamwork, and communications required to navigate and crew traditional sailing canoes. Participants will also experience sailing on a Kanehunamoku, a 29-foot double hull sailing canoe.

Mai Poina: A Walking Tour of the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom

Running successfully for the past few years on O‘ahu, and developed with the support of the Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities, this living history tour takes a group through the grounds of ‘Iolani Palace, retracing four pivotal days leading up to and including the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy. At the end, participants can dialogue with Native Hawaiian scholars on historical context and resonance today as well as hear spoken-word poetry from Pacific Tongues, bringing historical issues into the urgent present. Readers’ guides will be provided onsite.

Humanities in the Wild: Hawaiian Edition

Join Indiana Humanities and the Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities for a one-of-a-kind literary exploration of the Hawaiian landscape, modeled after Indiana Humanities’ prize-winning, “Next Indiana Campfire” program. During this adventure, a humanities scholar and naturalist will lead participants on a hike, pausing along the way to read short passages by Hawaiian writers to prompt conversation and reflection about identity and landscape. One the ride to and from the hike, participants will learn the environmental history of the region and have the opportunity to ask questions about how to design and implement active humanities programming in the outdoors.

Evening Concert (TBD)

More information coming soon.


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