Now Accepting Nominations to the Federation Board of Directors

May 1, 2020

Now Accepting Nominations to the Federation Board of Directors

2020 FSHC Nominating Committee Seeks Four Candidates to Serve from 2021-2024

The Federation of State Humanities Councils is now accepting nominations to its Board of Directors. The 2020 FSHC Nominating Committee is seeking two humanities council executive directors and two public members to fill vacancies that will be left by four retiring board members in November 2020. The deadline to submit nominations has been extended to Friday, May 22, 2020.

“With events in our world evolving so rapidly, and with a national election on the horizon, it continues to be important to have the strongest possible board of directors guiding the Federation,” said Debra Holland, chair of the 2020 FSHC Nominating Committee.

Specifically, the Committee has developed a Candidate Criteria, which includes a request for candidates with foundation, marketing, public relations, or advocacy expertise as well as those with connections to the academic community.

“The board agrees that diversifying the board with regard to gender, race, ethnicity, geography and political perspective remains an urgent goal,” added Holland. “And, we always need board members who are politically savvy and willing to advocate with energy and enthusiasm on behalf of NEH and the state humanities councils.”

Please note that the Committee does not accept formal nominations of council executive directors. Rather, all eligible council directors are considered to be part of the candidate pool, unless they have specifically requested not to be included. As part of the process, Nominating Committee members reach out to all council directors to solicit feedback and recommendations on who among them would make a strong contribution to the Federation board and why. Learn more about Board Member Responsibilities.

The 2020 retiring board members are Florida Humanities Council Executive Director Steve Seibert, Rhode Island public member Joann Abrams, Connecticut public member Briann Greenfield, and Humanities Nebraska Executive Director Christopher Sommerich, who stepped in to fill a gap year for Alabama Humanities Foundation Executive Director (former) Armand DeKeyser who was appointed to the National Council for the Humanities in 2018.

The 2020 Nominating Committee consists of seven members, including committee chair Debra Holland, also board chair of Humanities Washington. The other members include:

  • Elizabeth Francis, Rhode Island Council for the Humanities
  • Brenna Gerhardt, Humanities North Dakota
  • Bill Goodman, Kentucky Humanities
  • Brandon Johnson, New Mexico Humanities Council
  • Christopher Sommerich, Humanities Nebraska, FSHC Board
  • Paxton Williams, Iowa public member, FSHC Board

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