Marketplace of Ideas

Marketplace of Ideas

Marketplace of Ideas sessions are designed to encourage the free exchange of ideas about specific topics of interest. Marketplace suggestions are submitted not through the online session proposal mechanism but directly to the Federation/NHA staff members.  Suggested sessions will be accepted based on suitability to the format and available space.  Typically discussions will take place in one or two large rooms set up with conversation circles. To keep the focus on informal conversation, audio visual equipment is not provided in most cases. A simple flip chart or poster easel can be arranged if requested.  Handouts from the coordinators are welcome. 

The individual(s) who suggested the topic will serve as discussion moderator(s).  Sessions might begin with a brief presentation on the topic by the moderator(s) or simply with questions for discussion. Examples of discussion goals include gathering responses to a potential project or initiative; exchanging ideas about an administrative, programming or other issue of concern; or introducing participants to a potential partner institution or organization, among other possibilities.  Participants may take part in more than one discussion during the session.

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