Jane Jacobs Walk: The Regent Street Placemaking Project

Jane Jacobs Walk

The Regent Street Placemaking Project


Local Hosts

Masked and forgotten by years of neglect and parking garages, Regent Street has been transformed for a new era and now builds upon the rich layers of its history. Regent Street has long been a street of stories; a street where Salt Lake City’s complexity, diversity of cultures and unique history intersect. With the emergence of this area as a theater and performing arts district, the Regent Street Placemaking project will provide a platform for new stories and new memories in a unique setting in downtown Salt Lake City.

We will explore the spatial realities and social life of a past generation through a Jane Jacobs Walk, where participants engage in a walking conversation with local hosts in downtown Salt Lake City. The walk will lead participants through the realm of public space and the act of urban acupuncture on block 70 of Regent Street. Join hosts Stephen Goldsmith and Mark Morris to explore the creative response to local challenges through placemaking and the dynamism of social spaces in an urban environment.

Stephen Goldsmith, Center for the Living City
Stephen Goldsmith is currently Director of the Center for the Living City, as well as an Associate Professor/Lecturer in the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning at the University of Utah. He also serves as the University’s Professor for Campus Sustainability. There he works with students to manage and expand Jane Jacobs Walks, one of the key activities of the Center. The University generously hosts the Center as an element of its pedagogy and engaged learning programs. Read more.

Mark Morris, VODA Landscape and Planning
A landscape architect and community planner for VODA and has extensive site design experience throughout the Western U.S. Morris received his masters in urban planning at the University of Utah and an undergraduate degree in landscape architecture and environmental planning from Utah State University. Morris is a LEED accredited professional.

Laura Bandara, VODA Landscape and Planning
A landscape planner and designer, Laura Bandara’s specialty is in the cross-section of cultural and ecological processes at multiple levels of complexity, including more than two thousand miles of National Historic Trails in seven Western states to a 400 square-foot green roof terrace garden.