Wyoming Humanities Council

The Voces Latinas de Wyoming film, supported by the Wyoming Humanities Council, has opened doors for the College Bound Latinas project and has inspired several individuals to support the College Bound Latinas girls' dreams of pursuing post-secondary education.

Isabel ZumelMentor, College Bound Latinas

About Us

With a foundational mandate of bringing humanities programming to the public at large, the Wyoming Humanities Council is an independent, nonpartisan nonprofit supported in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources, and through donor support.

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The humanities are the fields of study that examine the arc of human history and thought. They show us how we, as a society, got to where we are today. They ask us to get beyond the talking points of modern life and study the systems that have helped humanity succeed, the injustices that still hold us back, and understanding what it means to be a modern human. The Wyoming Humanities Council is dedicated to sponsoring high quality programs that bring our communities together to experience and discuss humanities topics and more fully see our place in a complex world. Successful applications center on public outreach components. Our founding mandate is to bring humanities content to the public at large.

Examples include:

  • Reading and lecture based community discussions
  • Documentary for public media outlets
  • Public presentations
  • Museum exhibits on humanities topics
  • The digitization of culturally sensitive documents

What we don’t do:

  • Private academic research projects
  • Things without clear humanities content
  • Programming outside of Wyoming