Wisconsin Humanities Council

A community's history is about the people who lived here, who they were, and why they did what they did. The stories of those people are often described as a patchwork quilt. Historical societies have a hand in that quilt. The Wisconsin Humanities Council gives us the resources, guidance, and encouragement to tell those stories. The Humanities are a great asset to us here in Douglas County!

Kathy LaskoDirector, Douglas County Historical Society

Our Mission

The Wisconsin Humanities Council supports and creates programs that use history, culture, and discussion to strengthen community life for everyone in Wisconsin.

About Us

The Wisconsin Humanities Council was established in 1972 and is an independent nonpartisan nonprofit supported by federal, state, and private funds and governed by a volunteer board of directors who come from across the state. We fulfill our mission with our own programs and partnerships, publications, and with grants to other organizations. As a result of our work, a rich array of learning opportunities engage the people of Wisconsin in the exploration of human cultures, ideas, and values. We like to say we make history, culture, and conversation happen.

Related Programs


Grant Program

The Wisconsin Humanities Council offers grant-making as a means to enrich community life through humanities programming firmly rooted in local institutions and their knowledge of communities’ members. By reaching out to and nurturing applicant organizations, the council increases the capacity of local groups to design and implement creative programs and to build relationships with humanities scholars. Well-crafted grant-funded programs reach diverse audiences with programs that foster learning, reflection, and community conversations. The council’s grant program successfully reaches communities of all sizes in all state regions.

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