Utah Humanities

The relationship between our panelists and the audience was exactly how we would hope a community engaging with humanities questions would act, with respect for and openness to the knowledge of others, and with skepticism and rational challenges to the information presented. Our audience members were active participants in creating the knowledge of that day, rather than simply passive observers.

Salt Lake Acting Company

Our Mission

Empowering Utahns to Improve their communities through active engagement in the humanities.

About Us

Since its establishment in 1975 as an independent nonprofit agency, Utah Humanities and its programs have reached every corner of the state, involving thousands of people as planners, participants, and audiences. Among our current programs are an annual statewide book festival, museum workshops and other capacity building programs, grants to communities for locally-initiated projects, reading and discussion groups, and humanities courses for underserved teens and adults.

To offer these programs, we partner and collaborate with many types of organizations: libraries, historical societies, museums, schools and colleges, civic and science organizations, public radio and television stations, local and state government agencies, arts and humanities councils, ad hoc groups, and others. While we serve the entire state, we occasionally undertake temporary initiatives that focus on selected topics, targeted audiences, or geographic locations. A volunteer board of directors, representing a wide variety of communities, makes policy, directs planning, and evaluates programs.

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