Pennsylvania Humanities Council

“I hope the funder realizes how significant the impact of this program is. Not only is it bringing teens together in a positive way, but it is getting books into their homes. We never fully know what home life of the teens we see is like, but having books, even if they go unread, is positive. You never know if a parent or sibling will take an interest in their reading and activities. I think Teen Reading Lounge is a tremendous idea, especially for communities just building collections and services to teens.”

Molly KritchenFacilitator, Bridgeville Public Library

Our Mission

Our work is grounded in people. We connect Pennsylvanians to each other through stories, ideas, and experiences that can change lives and transform communities.

About Us

Pennsylvania Humanities Council staff members are engaged grantmakers, innovative program designers, dedicated partners, and passionate advocates. Today, across the commonwealth, we put the humanities in action to create positive change. Our programs and grants bring Pennsylvanians together to build avenues for civic involvement and community development, and for youth and adult learners to strengthen skills for school, work, and personal improvement.

We work with communities to build their capacity to achieve long-term goals, from engaging teens in strengthening skills for school and life, to coaching residents as they plan a better future for their town. We travel across the commonwealth and across sectors–through partnerships with local government, business and philanthropic leaders, city planners, artists, librarians, grassroots community activists, university researchers and others–to achieve the greatest impact and broadest reach possible. We advocate for the crucial role the humanities play in our lives and our society–and for continued resources to keep them vital and visible.

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