Ohio Humanities

“This institute opened my eyes to the richness of Ohio history. I am eager to instill a pride in my students for being part of Appalachia. I’m excited to use my new resource [from the institute] to prepare lessons for my Social Studies classes.”

Summer Institute ParticipantGallia County

Our Mission

Ohio Humanities serves as an advocate for the public humanities in Ohio. We promote the humanities through public programs, grants, and community projects to help individuals and communities explore, share, and be inspired by the human experience. The humanities define individual beliefs and values; help Ohioans understand, engage, interpret, and imagine; and are central to creating vibrant communities and build innovative economic opportunities.

About Us

Ohio Humanities supports the public humanities and builds communities by:

  • supporting lifelong learning, which is the central purpose of Ohio Humanities
  • facilitating dialogue and engagement through programming that highlights the contributions of the humanities to human thought, social institutions, and history;
  • underscoring the importance of collaboration, tolerance, and civil society with programs that facilitate civil discourse using humanities content to illuminate issues, themes, and controversies;
  • building the capacity of program partners to enhance their skills as stewards of culture, as program planners, and as grant writers;
  • creating a navigable bridge between the academy and the public to encourage sharing knowledge, wisdom, and insight.


Related Programs

As the state’s primary funder of humanities programs, the Council has established a reputation for intellectual quality, thoroughly vetted grant applications, careful program planning, and outstanding program delivery.