New Jersey Council for the Humanities

“It has truly been a pleasure working with members of the New Jersey Council for the Humanities. . . . The funding provided by the Council has helped to promote a strong sense of community in healthcare facilities, foster the sharing and exploring of feelings by interdisciplinary staff members, and expand communication skills, all of which contribute to improved quality of life for patients and family members. The project has been a huge plus on every level and I am most grateful to participate in these efforts.”

Helen BankVital Decisions, Edison, NJ, Daughters of Israel, West Orange, NJ

Our Mission

At the New Jersey Council for the Humanities, we harness the power of the humanities to strengthen our pluralistic society.

About Us

Our vision is a New Jersey that delights in diversity, appreciates that there are no easy answers, and finds joy and understanding in the humanities.

How do we do this? By enabling public programs and humanities experiences that deepen our understanding of ourselves and our world. NJCH is a grantmaker, program provider, partner, convener, and innovator. We work with statewide and community organizations to bring dynamic programming to the local level.

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