New Hampshire Humanities

“The experience humbled me. Strong opinions began to dissolve as I thought about things from a new lens. It’s encouraged me to re-examine my values.”

Civic reflection participant

About Us

For nearly four decades, New Hampshire Humanities has been connecting people to culture, history, places, ideas and one another. We bring the thrill of discovery and the power of ideas to people of all walks of life, from all corners of our state. We support local cultural and educational institutions during hard economic times by awarding grants for innovative educational programs and capacity-building. We invite citizens to reason together, to learn from and listen to one another. We offer teachers cost-effective, content-rich professional development that strengthens the teaching of the humanities in our schools, from civics to Native American history. And we develop communities of readers, especially among those struggling with literacy and those new citizens just learning about their new culture and government.

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