Alaska Humanities Forum

“As an Alaskan artist, and educator, I view the Alaska Humanities Forum as a vital contributor, and facilitator, to important discussions regarding contemporary Alaskan art and culture, as well as our larger history. The Forum also provides a platform for artists and scholars to engage the world in meaningful dialog about art, history and culture in our young state. The Forum enriches our small communities, as well as our cities by giving voice to people who are dedicated to making lifetimes of work in Alaska, and helping their fellow Alaskans. As an artist I am grateful to the Forum for its support, while as an Alaskan I am proud to know that Forum is dedicated to championing the humanities throughout the state.”

Ben HuffAdjunct Professor of Fine Arts, University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau, Alaska and photographer

Our Mission

To use the humanities to tell stories and impact the lives of all Alaskans.

About Us

Established in 1972, Alaska Humanities Forum is a 501(c)(3) organization that engages Alaskans in humanities-based projects and innovative programs which are either funded by the Forum or run directly by the Forum. Our core beliefs include a commitment to excellence and maintaining public trust, the recognition and respect of differences, the celebration of our common ground and our culture in all its evolving forms, listening and inviting others to exchange ideas through dialogue, and the encouragement of lifelong learning and curiosity as we explore and question the world around us.

Related Programs


Alaska Humanities Forum’s Annual Humanities Grant program supports innovative, humanities-based projects across Alaska with awards up to $10,000.