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Display a feed of recent news, optionally filtered be a News Tag.

Use the following short code in a content item to display a news feed without filters:
[pods name="news" orderby="post_date DESC" limit="3" template="Recent News Callout"]

If you wish to filter the news by a News Tag, use this short code:
[pods name="news" orderby="post_date DESC" limit="3" where="tags.slug = 'YOUR_NEWS_TAG_SLUG'" template="Recent News Callout"]

Replace YOUR_NEWS_TAG_SLUG with the News Tag slug to be filtered by. This slug can be found in the News Tags Taxonomy.

To adjust the amount of items that display, change the 3 to your desired amount.

Recent News Example

Water Futures with Wisconsin Humanities

April 16, 2021

What roles do history, storytelling, public policy and civic engagement play after a flood? How do they help us understand environmental devastation that is already happening while also prepare for what’s coming? Read on to learn more from Wisconsin Humanities’ Wisconsin’ Water Futures.

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Water Storytelling with Utah Humanities

April 12, 2021

“We have stories about water babies that are in the water, born in the water…but it would hypnotize you and coax you into that water and take you, so when you hear babies down by the river you don’t want to go down there” Cesspooch said. “I think that thing is somewhat also a reason why we didn’t make boats or make water a leisure type of recreation. I think it’s more along the lines of ‘respect water,’ it’s not there to play in, it’s life—it’s just another way of looking at it.” Read on to learn more about Utah Humanities’ “Think Water Utah” conversations.

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A Conversation on Decolonization with Humanities Guahan

April 2, 2021

“For over 500 years after Guåhan’s first contact with foreigners, our path has been driven by colonization, and today our people, our culture, and even our history continue to be shaped by the words and actions of world powers. However, we must remember that Guåhan has never stood idly by,” said the Chairwoman of the Commission Governor Lou Leon Guerrero as introduction. “We must acknowledge that our present political status does not meet our needs.” Read more here.

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Recent News Example with Filter

Guide to Humanities on the Hill Resources

March 1, 2019

Find everything you need to know for Humanities on the Hill 2019. From links to advocacy and event resources to hotel and app information, here’s your one-stop spot for HoH information. Questions? Email

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Finding the Humanities in Everyday American Life

February 6, 2019

Public awareness resources, including eleven briefing documents and three animated videos are available for councils to customize, download, and use in any outreach efforts. These resources were developed as part of the Mellon-funded “Humanities in American Life” initiative.

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NHC 19: Call for Session Proposals

December 13, 2018

Now accepting session proposals for the 2019 National Humanities Conference taking place in Honolulu, HI, November 7-10, 2019. Deadline to submit is Friday, February 22, 2019.

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