Full Width Callout

A full width callout extends the entire width of the screen and is a good way to showcase important information and add variety to a page. Follow the steps below to create a full width callout.

  1. Add a Background/Parallax Wrapper to the page builder from the Column Wrapper Item drop-down and drag it to your desired location.
  2. Click the orange cog on the Background/Parallax wrapper to access the options
  3. Upload or select your desired background image, or desired pre-defined pattern.
  4. If using an image, select  Cover Background – Dark in the Skin drop-down, keep it as none if using a pattern. Note: it’s recommended to use a dark colored image so white text will be legible over top of it.
  5. Set your desired padding, if unsure, 50px for top and bottom is recommended.
  6. Insert and populate your desired content within the Background/Parallax wrapper to complete the callout

Full Width Callout Example

This is an example of a full width callout

Use these to call attention to important or interesting information.