PROGRAM: Traveling Exhibits

Presented by:
West Virginia Humanities Council
Local Partner: K-12 Institutions, Libraries, Museums Subject: History, Other, Varies Audience: All

These exhibits serve a variety of venues in order to reach West Virginians wherever they gather. Our award-winning exhibits have appeared in museums, libraries, historic properties, and colleges as well as community centers, farmers markets, court houses, bank lobbies, fire stations, fast food restaurants, office buildings, and hospitals. They are available at no charge to suitable organizations and often serve as a catalyst for additional programming. Organizations must arrange for transport from the previous display site.

Our latest exhibit, The Hatfields & McCoys: American Blood Feud, is available for scheduling. Developed by the West Virginia Humanities Council and illustrated by West Virginia University graphic design students with financial support from ZMM Architects and Engineers, this traveling exhibit relates the history of the events that have become synonymous with the word feud.